Sabine Lengfeld

For more than 30 years I had been dealing with the interaction of movement, nutrition and medicine and their effects on the body. A fascinating path mingled with my own experiences, fantastic results and feedback from my customers and always new insights.

In 1997 I turned this passion into my profession and started teaching almost every course the market had to offer in gyms. In 2001 I started my "Pilates career" - a highly effective training method for both rehabilitation and athletics. Especially the training possibilities on the Pilates machines still inspires me!

The results of fascia research in recent years confirm the interaction of training, nutrition, emotions and thoughts and how it affects, moves, nourishes and heals our body. If necessary I support the training with the laser frequency therapy, different effective relaxation mental methods and the individual metabolic typification. It is not necessary to train every day.
My aim is to give you inputs that you can integrate into your daily life and help you to have a better quality of life as well as more joy.

My qualifications:

  • HeartMath Coach R i.A.
  • Metabolic Typing nutricion coach Horisan
  • Laser Frequency Therapy by Vinja Bauer (structural, mental and epigenetic)
  • PILATES Bodymotion Trainer 3. Degree for studio equipment
  • PILATES Bodymotion Matwork Trainer 2. Degree
  • CPM Education by Karin Locher ( i.e. Functional training according to the most recent findings from fascia research
  • Teacher for Fitness, Nutrition and Sports Rehabilitation BSA
  • Training courses: Spiral Dynamics, Structural Pilates Integration, Pre- and Postnatal Training, NLP, MamaWORKOUT, Pelvic Floor and Fascia Pilates, Workshop Franklin Method®, Fascia Workshop Tom Myers, Workshop with Dr. Robert Schleipp, Transcendental Meditation, Classical Massage, Ayurveda Massage and Nutrition, Liebscher -und Bracht Method
  • various Groupfitness expert trainings like Aerobic, BodyPump, Body Balance, Hot Iron, Spinning, Flexibar, Nordic Walking and more