You don't have to train every day to keep your body fit - training should be fun, make you feel good and be integrated into everyday life.

Strengthened and more agile you can go through life more upright and with more ease.

If diseases, muscular imbalances, pain, injuries or movement restrictions are present, these can also be treated. Lack of exercise, incorrect posture, stress, harmful environmental influences, stored emotions, nutrition that is not appropriate for your type, stimulants, environmental influences and stress have an influence on the body and change it. Unfortunately not always to more well-being.

But our body can do a lot. It repairs, it renews, it heals. No one can cure anyone else. But I can support you to activate your self-healing powers.

The targeted use of physical and mental movement helps, and/or nutrition change as well as light/frequency therapy.

I am looking forward to accompanying you on your way to even more well-being.