Eat what suits YOU... Your diet can nourish but also weaken your cells.
A type-appropriate nutrition leads to a better quality of life and the ideal weight. With the test device EVA 3000 (nutrition compatibility analysis) your individual metabolism type and your optimal food composition are determined.
Everyone needs different proportions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, the same for vitamins and minerals!

You will learn which foods slow you down and which ones balance your metabolism. It is often sufficient to leave out a certain food for a few weeks so that your weakened main gland can recover and your metabolism can regulate itself.

Through this type-appropriate diet you can:

  • Regulate your weight, reduce it and, above all, keep it
  • Achieve a higher quality of life, performance and vitality
  • Prevent or combat chronic diseases
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Increase your stamina and concentration
  • Prevent food cravings
  • Slow down the aging process

Additional measurement:
Food intolerances, testing whether food supplements you currently take make sense at all

BIA- Bioelectrical impedance analysis:
With the very high-quality BIA Corpus RX 4004M the body composition of fat, water (intra- and extracellular), muscle mass and phase angle is measured very quickly and non-invasively.

What does the phase angle reveal?
Well nourished, bulging body cells with stable membrane potential have a high phase angle, while poorly nourished, wilted cells with low membrane potential have a correspondingly low phase angle.
With a healthy body condition, a lot of cell mass and a harmonious proportion of water, the phase angle is high. It is an important parameter for monitoring changes and the course of diet and exercise.