The Low Level Laser Therapy can be used for

  • aches and pains
  • injuries
  • fasciae regulation
  • arthrosis
  • tennis / golf elbow
  • tensions
  • headaches
  • immune strengthening
  • better healing after operations
  • slipped disks
  • heel spur
  • gastritis
  • allergies
  • anxieties
  • stress
  • burnout
  • and much more

The low-level laser therapy, in which a high amount of energy is released by laser radiation, is used to reactivate metabolic activities in the human body. It stimulates self-healing forces. There is pure laser irradiation, which is the synthesis of ATP molecules, the main source of energy for the human metabolism. This method induces faster and improves cell division, which in turn drives biochemical and healing processes. Pain is relieved as the radiation positively influences the release of the body's own defence substances such as histamine. In addition, laser radiation has an anti-inflammatory effect, as the formation of inflammatory substances is reduced. Infections can thus be nipped in the bud.