Terms and Conditions

The following provisions apply to all classes and personal training at Sabines Pilates Atelier:

Getting Started

The enrolment into the Pilates classes is possible at any time by mutual agreement, provided there are places available and your medical condition allows, which at times may need to be certified by a healthcare professional. It is recommended to attend an individual introductory session prior to the start of the classes.

Attending classes

Allow yourself to arrive a few minutes prior to training such that we can start on time, but no more than 10 minutes earlier in order not to disturb the previous class. Please sign up for classes to ensure entry as the number of participants is limited. For hygienic reasons please keep your socks on during practice.


Group lessons: If you are not able to attend, please give at least 24 hours advance notice via SMS, email or our online tool to avoid payment penalties. We reserve the right to cancel classes on an ad hoc basis with less than 3 participants.

Personal Training: Please cancel with us directly via SMS, e-mail or phone no less than 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the class. We always send you a confirmation of your cancellation by e-mail or SMS.

Class fees

The class fee is due before the practice in cash or bank transfer.

Physical limitations and injuries

Please let your trainer know about any injuries, physical problems, pregnancies etc. before the start of the class.


You practice at your own risk. Sabine's Pilates Atelier accepts no liability for thefts, accidents, property damages or personal effects. You have no right to claim compensation and you are responsible for an appropriate insurance cover.

Terms and Conditions as well as prices are subject to change. As per 01.01.2015.